Play Games! Heal a Child!

Jun, being the social media scout extraordinaire he is, found Extra Life, a brilliant initiative that raises funds for children’s hospitals globally. And since we love gaming amongst the other things we love so much – other halves, gadgetry, nerding out and junk food – we decided to participate and set up Team Razer.

On 15 October 2011 9AM (GMT+8), Jun and I, along with a few other friends, will band together and game for the cause for a whole 24 hours. That’s two and a half seasons of Battlestar Galactica there! Considering the amount of time we pump into spewing snark and flexing our wrist tendons in front of our PCs, it’s time that gaming meant more than just a passion. Use it to help someone else!

We’ve picked the Rady Children’s Hospital as our beneficiary. All we ask is simple. With just a dollar from you for every hour we clock, you can help a child get the medical attention they need through better facilities and hospital programs. That’s $24 in total. 100% of the proceeds go to the Westmead Hospital, so every cent counts.

To make this worth your while, Throne is not for Gaming is going to livestream the whole event. Being the goons that we are, we promise it’ll be fun. You can hear me spazz over zombies (I have an irrational fear) and Jun wax lyrical about games like he’s second millenium Socrates. No detail is going to go unnoticed. Every sneeze, curse, potato chip chew will be documented as proof that we’re no oath breakers.

If your wallet is simply too arid and barren for a dollar, you can set up your own account at Extra Life and do your part to encourage others to donate as well.

When: 15 October 2011, 9AM (6PM PST)
Where: pspawn on, in Singapore, in flats and bungalows in a spiral dimension
Members: Jun, Perr, Simone, Ray, Aaron, Khee Hoon
Games list: TBA

Happy givings!

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