It’s Dirty – The Way Too Long Laundry List

The despicable revelation of me getting a job means that I barely have time for anything, which sadly includes gaming (and writing… sniff). Catching up with TV is hard enough, so I can’t wait until the Thanksgiving/Christmas hiatus to really soak my brain in madly overdue content.

1. Skyrim – Super hype that I bought into, and I haven’t tested it yet. I even bought the limited edition with the sexy dragon statue. Ok, my boyfriend wanted the statue; I had dibs on the game. It looks amazing, and from what I’ve seen of the Skyrim world, I really can’t wait to plough through it and harrass random enemies on the way. I didn’t even research on the story. All I know is that imma be kickin’ some serious dragon ass soon. Please?

2. Batman: Arkham City – I played Arkham Asylum. Though combat gets repetitive during boss fights and especially towards the end, the wonderful pacing is what got me so hooked. Now with that open world element (which is always a huge pull factor for me), I’m hoping that it’ll be able to really transform the exploration of the intricately crafted world of Arkham City. I don’t quite expect perfection, but just a lot of fun.

3. The Bully – This was my last game before retiring from the 24-hour Extra-Life marathon, which was also the last game I played since (boo). School-set GTA is a guilty-pleasure. I passed biology and music with flying colors. I’m not so good at shop class and art. Before I quit my last session, I failed miserably trying to steal girl’s underwear from their dorms. And I really, really want to kick Gary’s ass.

4. Saints Row 3 – Saints Row 2 was so-so. People keep comparing it to GTA, but I think they’re trying to do different things with somewhat similar concepts. The tone is always completely different, and Saints Row, in all its unpolished, B-grade dialogue glory, doesn’t seek to get you emotionally attached to the main character or story like GTA does. It just wants you to have fun and be the boss, even if that means trying to get knocked down by cars to gather insurance money and admire the game’s ragdoll physics. And since SR3 is toted to be even more spectacular, bigger on the lunacy scale, and absolutely ridic, it’s only common sense for me to get a copy and play.

5. Unchartered Series – As a true laggard showing its stripes, I’ll come clean and say that I played just half an hour of the first Unchartered game. Then I heard that UC2 was amazing, so I promised to finish the first so I could soak in the improved goodness. A lot of distractions got in the way, and the clunky controls were offputting. Then UC3 had to be great frakkin’ glorious, so now I have to get down to finishing the first installment of this supposedly landmark series.

6. Dark Souls – A true masochist’s game, I skipped the first because I was daunted by its notoriety for being sadistically hard. But after watching videos and videos of gameplay, it was the true freedom of independently getting to the end points that tipped the balance for me. No waypoints, just beginning in the middle of nowhere and forcing yourself to finish blind. On top of that, it needs real strategy that you don’t get to practice over and over until you get it right. Being the guns blazing type, it’s going to be a tough challenge. I’m scared, but I’ll do it. Wish me luck.

7. Infamous 2: Festival of Blood – Vampire-mania isn’t over. I’m a sucker (so to speak) for fangs, and one of the few who didn’t mind the repetoire of Infamous 2. I mean, what Undead Nightmare did for Red Dead Redemption was effective, and maybe the new dimension will turn it around completely. Who knows?

8. Shadow of Colossus/Ico – My PS2 stopped working before I could play this, so imagine my joy when I found out that a HD version for PS3 was being developed. I don’t know a lot about these two games other than the premise and Ico’s partner mechanics, but there seems to be a lot of glowing reviews out there that endorse its magic and emotion, so I’m convinced I’ll get the same out of it. Looking forward to taking down impenetrable giants!

Any other recs for relatively recent games are welcome. Extend my list!

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