TellTale Games Tries Its Hand With Walkers [Update]

While I was building my rant in this post, TellTale Games coincidentally decided to push out the first wave of marketing for their shiny new project, which applies their episodic gaming formula to an overcrowded, exhausted genre in video games: zombies. It’s The Walking Dead game, folks.

Initially slated to be released at the end of 2011, the five-episode game version of The Walking Dead focuses on the toils of a separate group of Atlanta survivors at the start of the zombiocalypse (presumably while Rick is in his coma). It follows the background and canon of the comics rather than the AMC series, promising a more in-depth look at Robert Kirkman’s world through scenarios that “intersect with the story seen in the comic books”.

As a TellTale endeavor, my best guess is that it’ll be a point and click. I’m not sure if it’s really the best way to excite a gamer, but the developers and writers seem determined to make it the ultimate ode to the series by concentrating on the storytelling and enriching the existing source material through the eyes of someone other than Rick. If they can carve out a strong ensemble of characters that are completely different from the original gang, by all means. After Dead Island and L4D, it’d be nice to have a strong story-driven zombie project that isn’t all about sticking a rake in an undead face. With all point and clicks, it runs the risk of being repetitive in its puzzle solving, but this old article seems to alleviate some of that worry. The “consequence” aspect of it looks to be an amazing part of the game that will increase replayability tenfold and put you in tight spots that’ll mess with your moral compass.

Have a look at the teaser below to get a feel of what they are trying to achieve:

TellTale is also documenting their development process with their webseries Playing Dead, so if you’re curious, you can visit the official The Walking Dead game site. Not all that much going on in terms of extras on the site, but they’ve announced that the full trailer will be released on Monday, 19 March.

Of course, for comic book readers that haven’t had the chance to catch up yet, playing the game will spoil some things for you. Get cracking.

The Walking Dead is rumoured to be available next month on most major platforms.


The first 13-minutes of Gameplay are leaked! Have at it, then.
The Walking Dead the Game – Gameplay Leaked by play3-live

Quite Heavy Rain-ish, not that I mind, but I’m personally terrible and unnecessarily jumpy with reaction-based gameplay. I’m still looking forward to it very much.

Also, here’s the debut trailer for your eyeballs to judge:

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