Find The Saferoom! – Map of the Dead Zombie Survival Map

I really have this dark wish that one day zombies would really walk the Earth again.  And then we can show Rick Grimes that surviving the zombie apocalypse is actually a walk in the park.  Or not.

Anyway, as is wont of the Internetsphere, built by some guy named Jeff @ Doejo (a site which doesn’t currently have anything on it), there is an actual world map (built on top the Google Maps engine) that shows hot spots where zombie infestati0ns might occur.  It appears that Singapore would not survive a zombie invasion.  Not unless we swim to one of the outlying islands.  Thankfully I can swim.

Check it here and search your address!  It also shows where you could go for supplies, fuel, medical care, etc.  Awesomesauce.

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