Trailers! Glorious trailers!

Here are the latest marketing/hype machinations of the upcoming game releases for your viewing and discerning pleasure.  


REVENGE SOLVES EVERYTHING.  Clearly my mum taught me wrong when she said that I should be the better man and walk away from bullies.  Because slicing throats and jumping from rooftops seem to be a whole lot more satisfying.  Anyway, this seems like a mega cross between Assassin’s Creed and Thief, which is not a bad thing.  I certainly like stopping bullets with my hand.


Star Trek

I find the Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto body doubles in the new Star Trek co-op shoot’em up to be strangely uncanny.  I also love how they made Star Trek the game about shooting things rather than flying space ships and making peace with strange aliens on other worlds.  Expect a lot of beaming up.  This game is supposed to come as a “sequel” to the J.J. Abrams-lens-flare-prone-reboot-movie and prequel to the upcoming Star Trek 2 movie also by J.J. Abrams.


Diablo III – Monk reveal

I love how the Monk is Russian-sounding.  But then Russia doesn’t exist in the Diablo universe.  So my thoughts are invalid.


Dark Souls: Prepare to Die PC edition

I never got to play Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls because they were console games.  But then some people wrote their names down on a piece of paper and sent it to the developers, and now there’s a PC version.  Yay!  So we can all er… prepare to die soon.

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