Humble Indie Bundle V is a whopper


I haven’t been following the Humble Indie Bundle series much to be honest, and that’s mostly because I actually have most of the games that are shown in the bundles.  But it is still a worthy cause.  Pay whatever you want, with the funds divided as you wish between the devs and charities, for a great pack of indie goodness, free of DRM, and full of the sheer wondrousness that only PC gaming can bestow upon us.

More importantly, this latest bundle is the most epic yet.  Sword & Sworcery, Bastion, Amnesia, Limbo, and Psychonauts!!!   And the trailer is fun.  So watch that, and see if you’d like a slice of this yummy cake.  Comes with the soundtracks too for these games, and hell yeah, Sword & Sworcery is in there.

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