Closing thoughts on e3 2012

As e3 2012 comes to a close this year, I’ve got a few thoughts that I wanted to share here.  Will make it short and snappy, don’t feel like writing a lengthy post.

1.  Ubisoft love making video games that tell you about all the different professions in life that’ll get you shot at and running away from explosions a) assassin b) hacker c) secret agent d) intrepid adventurer.

2.  Star Wars 1313 is Nathan Drake in outer space.

3.  The Last of Us doesn’t excite me.  It’s scripted.  DayZ already won the entire survival genre (I’ll write up why in a separate blog post).

4.  Far Cry 3 promises to be a meta-look at video games.  But to me, it looks like it’s trying to be a young punk with its drug references and lunatic villain.

5.  Why did they have to reboot Splinter Cell?  I quite liked grizzy old Fisher.

6.  Resident Evil 6 looks positively epic.  But yeah, it’s basically Nathan Drake with zombies.

7.  Beyond: Two Souls stars Ellen Page.  Enough of a reason for me to get that game.  If I own a PS3.  Which I don’t.

8.  Why did they have to reboot Need for Speed: Most Wanted?  Why couldn’t they have called it a new thing?  Like Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2?

9.  What the F is Sony smoking?  Harry Potter wand-waving crap?

10.  Halo 4 will fail.  Heroes that are repeatedly thrown through the same gauntlets time after time rather than allowed to disappear into the ether of narrative resolution, will eventually grow tiresome to gamers.  Same with Dead Space 3.

11.  Tomb Raider reboot is Nathan Drake female version.  Also, she moans too much that it is almost erotic.

12.  Yeah okay, Watch Dogs looks interesting but can we not have more gun shooting bits?

13.  The only thing that really excited me at this year’s e3, was this:


::EDIT::  If you didn’t really get the tone of this post – yeah, I didn’t really like what was on show at e3 this year.  A majority of the games shown appear to be bred from the same design document: hyperactive, short-attention spanned killathons with uber gloss and spit.  It worries me that video games have reduced itself to pandering to a wider audience in order to continually secure the money to keep studios open.  I am aware that the video game developing business is not easy, but if we are to get the respect we desire, this is not the only way.

Anyway, Kris Graft of Gamasutra is disappointed too, and I think he writes up about the disappointment of e3 better here.

On another somwhat similar but no less interesting note, RockPaperShotgun’s Nathan Grayson wrote about how what a lot of people are not privy to at this year’s e3, is that all these high-end graphically intensive games were actually being demo-ed on PCs hidden away behind walls, even if demonstrators were pulling out Xbox controllers.  Read more about that here.

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