Medal of Battle Warfare – Warfighter: Violence overloaded


I’ll be honest and say I love first-person shooter video games.  I love seeing a gun stuck at the end of my screen and then holding the left mouse button down as I enact my will through the power of a firearm.  I loved Call of Duty from its very inception, all the way till Modern Warfare.  Then sometime somewhere something clicked in me, and I stopped liking war shooters.  I still like games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Bioshock, but all them war shooters  Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, Medal of Honor, they all seemed just a bit too much, too loud, and too stylized.  Even the realism some of them are trying to market just seemed a bit too in-your-face.

I’ll still play ’em, even this new Medal of Honor, but there’s always going to be a bit of distaste on my tongue, as if I’m eating a bag of chips – simultaneously feeling guilty about how unhealthy it all is as I’m eating.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s new gameplay video wouldn’t look out of place amongst the other gruff-men-shooters.  Also because MoH: Warfighter uses Frostbite 2, like Battlefield 3, this game could very well be Battlefield 3: Warfighter and heck, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.  It’s all scripted corridors and shooting men where they stand because the game developers wanted them to die that way.

In fact, I used to really herald Battlefield 3 as the return of military shooters as I once loved.  But then I watched someone play the multiplayer as it was today, and saw all the explosions, carnage, and dead bodies, and thought to myself that this was no realistic military shooter.

Nowadays I boot on DayZ and keep my gun holstered unless I really needed to take out a zombie or an untrustworthy bandit.  It was refreshing that in DayZ, absolutely nothing was scripted, and violence was felt through the actions you took against other fellow survivors and the undead.  That felt more real to me then any of these war shooters.

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