Just a heads up: Mass Effect 3 Extended Ending DLC incoming

After all that brouha about Mass Effect 3’s ending, Bioware is making good on their promise to expand on the finale so as to give gamers who thought the shitty ending was shitty, more closure.  I’m glad they didn’t decide to change up the endings entirely in order to make people happy.  Instead, they are giving each of the characters a little more screentime with you.  I for one really want that bit at the end where we get to knock back a few bottles with Garrus at the bar.  Kinda’ like the Avengers eating shawarma in that epilogue.

Incoming on the 26th June (that’s in a few hours kids!!!)

Also, to get the best plot play-outs, it’s advised to boot up a save file from just before the attack on the Cerberus base.

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