Amazing Spiderman wants to be Batman Arkham City, but with web-swinging


I’m not all that excited for the movie, the trailer looks positively dull, even if it has Emma Stone in it.  But maybe a new Spiderman game will be welcome.  I personally liked the one that was released all those years ago on the PS2.  That was a great time, web-swinging and slinging round a fully realized city.  It also gave me seriously sore thumbs.  Can’t say much for the Spidey-through-time release most recently, but this new ‘un looks to bring back what was great about that PS2 game all those years ago.

Can’t help but notice that they’ve also got the whole chaining-combos-fighting-whole-mobs-like-Batman combat mechanic here.  Not that that is a bad thing.  Well whatever it is, this game is slated for an August 10th release on the PC.

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