Holy Smokes! Rise of the Triad is back!

When I was a wee young lad, one of my first forays into interactive entertainment on a personal computer, was playing a game called Rise of the Triad.  Not only did it blow my mind, it certainly blew a lot of Nazis away.  I still have a vague memory about what that game was like (although a quick search on YouTube refreshed my memory) – but what I remembered of it featured a rocket launcher that shot multiple spiraling rockets, and gibs.  Lots of it.  You can imagine what all this hyper-violence was like to a young kid like me.

Anyway, the original developers of that game are back.  With an all-new company, and all-new-Unreal-shiny-graphics-and-engine update.  Lucky us.  Check the reveal trailer out below.


This is what the original Rise of the Triads looked like, if you are curious.  The game is so old, you could probably download it for free somewhere.

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