Written By A Kid, And It’s Better Than Yours

Geek & Sundry, the producers of geek-glorified webseries The Guild and Will Wheaton’s TableTop gaming discussions enable another facet of creative webTV through the visual translation of stories narrated and thought up entirely by children’s limitless imaginations.

Created by Will Bowles and Josh Flaum, Written By A Kid is an exercise in staying true to the scriptwriters’ work over any other voice in production, directors and editors included. To really respect and understand how important it is to keep the integrity of the text, no matter how far fetched or wild it makes itself is something nearly unseen nowadays. It even goes so far to show that cutting out one aspect of the story for any reason at all gleans guilt from the whole production team (as documented in “The Buffy Moustache“).

I’m never a kid person, but I do love what their imagination and no-boundaries brand of logic can bring to the creative plate. Here you don’t get caught up with the fact that the kid is soooooo cute (ugh, please), but instead focus on the kind of amazing plot building (or lackthereof) going on in his/her head. They’re honest about what they like and from there, makes it easy for you to pick up on what type of kid they are. Do they make sense? Never. But that’s what’s best about it.

Every story video is accompanied by a Making Of which you should take the time to watch because it sometimes contains a fascinating look at how the director/editor/crew tries their very best to bring the children’s ideas to life.

For the especially low budget-looking live-action footage, there are some very epic guest stars that lend a hand too – Joss Whedon as a perpetually squatting action star, anyone? Crazy as it gets, you can’t help but feel a little tingly about how genuine these people are in wanting to turn these kid’s ordinary tales into an extraordinary visual adventure. It not only embraces their inherent silliness and comedic value, but also helps validate that what they’re conjuring up isn’t just some lame child’s exaggerated cry for attention. Their ideas are something cool. This level of unabashed storytelling is what makes adults ashamed of themselves. It’s the start of a very fruitful time in internet film-making, and hopefully inspires the grownups to be a little less fearless in their own personal creative endeavors.

Here’s the latest (and greatest) story as told by Adam, featuring my favourite Deck Chief of all-time,  Aaron Douglas:

Written By A Kid releases a new episode every Wednesday.

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