Some awesome game trailers

Every once in awhile, we come across some nifty game trailers, not because they contain the requisite number of bombastic action scenes, explosions or dubstep music, but trailers that make you genuinely go – DAMN, I want to play that game.  Here are a couple.

Sui Generis


Apparently, this means “of its own kind” in Latin.  I Googled it.  And certainly, by the looks of the trailer it might very well be “of its own kind” but only because the game engine is SO.  FRIGGIN. COOL.  They’re doing your standard ol’ isometric-camera-perspective RPG, but take a look at the way models react to one another in the world.  Now that’s what a realistic-as-hell ragdoll engine looks like.  That’s how people look when they swing swords at each other’s faces.  By god, Rock Paper Shotgun (where I got the story first, by the way) is right – think of what a big name RPG game dev could do with an engine this awesome!?!

Oh, and this game is on Kickstarter looking for funding.  So if you’re keen to get a game made about good looking sword-waving, then throw some money at the devs here.

Heroes & Generals


It’s interesting to see what war means to our game culture sensibilities nowadays.  Just take a look at Medal of Honor’s string of horrifically melodramatic trailers.  Or Black Ops 2’s disgustingly over-the-top celebration of violence and war, even going as far as using a whole bunch of sellout actors.  Except for Robert Downey Jr.  We like him all the same, he can do know wrong.  Actually, he looks like he doesn’t even know what he is shooting for here.  But I like what the devs of Heroes & Generals did to show off their game.  Interlacing in-game footage with some really low-fi war renactments by earnest-looking war game geeks just makes me want to play this game even more – because I totes identify with that crowd, and yes, I would love to command an army while sitting on the porcelain throne.

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