Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome is HERE

For those of you still nursing that gaping chest wound known as The End Of Battlestar Galactica, it’s time to plug that hole with the next best thing – Blood & Chrome.

I’m practically foaming at the mouth because I am, admittedly, a BSG fangirl. Anything to stop the pain! This makes the perfect Novocaine for all of us who still put the show on the pedestal and refuse to acknowledge any of the other space odysseys that claimed to be the best. Because suck it! You’re a Number One being a pile of number two.

If you’re still in the dark, Blood & Chrome dials back the BSG clock and puts us in the cockpit with William “Husker” Adama as a young adult. To be clearer, it’s after the events of Caprica, and way before BSG, before Kara Thrace was kicking her mum from the inside. Don’t worry, no spoilers if you haven’t seen BSG or finished the series yet.

Yes, Adama’s a cocky mofo, and endearingly so. It’s funny to watch because if you did watch BSG in its entirety, you’d know the kind of guy he ends up as eventually. It’s the kind of thing where you point at the screen and say, “Oh BILL! You did that? Hee hee.” We’re thrown straight into Adama’s first day as a pilot on the Battlestar Galactica and we meet the new cast slowly but surely – but the feel, the dialogue, the pace is all kept the same. Consistent. Amazing. Sets are lavish and detailed, FX is top notch.

As for the casting, Luke Pasqualino drew a lot of skepticism for snagging the lead role but I think he plays hotshot Bill to a tee. Don’t judge him by Skins. His co-pilot, Coker, is a grumpy, awesome ECO. He’s the kind of character that you automatically stand behind, like Doc Cottle. He’s not as snarky and you know there’s a heart under those Green BDUs, but this is just the introduction. Together, their mission is to escort a (quite sexy) young woman, who has some contributions to Cylon AI development. I think what I’m happiest seeing is the retro cylon. And other Battlestars. Space fights are the best.

I also get tingles when I hear new versions of Apocalypse or the Colonial Anthem ring through scenes. The scores are grand, they are familiar. Tears in my eyes.

My only gripe is the lighting. What is with that lens flare?! A minor note as well: Nobody actually says “shit”. Instead we get door slams and dropped wrench soundbites. At least we hear Frak?

The first two webisodes are out now and will continue to be released every Friday in the US for another 8 episodes. Syfy will then air it as a whole “pilot” in February 2013, but seriously, who’s going to wait that long? Hopefully, the network will pick up the series for a full season, but with its reality programming bias, I’ll reckon that this will be a very tough fight to get it on air.

In the meantime, cast your eyeballs on the first two episodes of Blood & Chrome here:

So say we allllllll! /dances

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