It’s A Playlist!: What We’re Into Now


If you haven’t noticed, games and shows rule our lives, but there’s one thing that we don’t really talk about that much which is still a constant in our lives – music. I myself have built many, many playlists and fanmixes that help with the writing and piles of work, but I’ve never really thought to push or review music in the same way I do games or TV. I just go, “HEY, NICE SONG,” and headbop. Jun has a bit of an indie rock bone, while I have schizophrenic tastes.

So while he’s busy hunting game to make leather hide bags and wallets in Far Cry 3 and I have been trying not to vomit from all the crazy good TV, here are the Big Gap playlists featuring our earworms-of-the-moment to distract you from our busyness. Plus, it’s always nice to share good things.

Jun’s playlist

I don’t really have a real reason why I like each song, they all are different from one another.  But they are just catchy as hell.  Also, because some of ’em make me seem cooler to no one but me.  Lana Del Rey is a modern day American goddess, Brandon Flowers is the king and Ima Robot are Bohemian rhapsody-ers.

Strange Talk – Cast Away

Kasabian – Goodbye Kiss

Lana Del Rey – Ride

Brandon Flowers – Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine (Abbey Road Acoustic)

Ima Robot – Alive

Robyn – Konnichiwa, Bitches

Ingrid Michaelson – Ribbons

Carolina Liar – Drown

Bat For Lashes – All Your Gold

Marina and the Diamonds – Lies

Perr’s playlist

How To Destroy Angels – Ice Age

I know how much NIN purists are completely hating his musical metamorphosis with How To Destroy Angels, but I thought the evolution was something that had to happen, and it was good. This one’s got “indie movie OST” written all over it. When I hear this, I feel like things are about to go under.

Bondax – Baby I Got That

The crazy 90’s contemporary soul-house thing its got going on with the vocal samples is addictive. A suitably sultry video for a summery, romantic tune that I imagine people kissing to.

Kimbra Featuring Sam Lawrence – Wandering Limbs Live (Sideshow Alley)

Dreamy, soaring, also quite romantic, especially when Sam Lawrence’s voice intertwines with Kimbra’s own vocal theatrics. The reverb creeps into the performance slowly and lends a certain haunting feeling to it, like eyes on your back when there’s no one else in the room.

Alt-J – Intro (Live on KEXP)

Alt-J’s unexpectedly low, warped singing and pitching is the perfect contrast to the sharp metallic twang of guitars. Short but awesome.

Poliça – “Lay Your Cards Out” (Live at WFUV)

When I first heard the original, the auto-tuning switched me off immediately, but there was something about Channy Leaneagh’s verses that made me pay attention. So I found a live version of it and was delighted to find that it was much better with everything except the auto-tune. Whoohoo!

Little Dragon – Twice (Black Room Session)

There’s something magical about having great mellow electronic songs stripped down and swapped for acoustics. They tend to create really powerful emotions somehow with a bare-boned production.

Childish Gambino – Fire Fly

You know how every decade there’s a solo hip hop artist that somehow reps a facet of their generation with powerhouse lyrics on a catchy hook? Nas, Jay-Z, Common, Kanye, 2Pac, Biggie – now it’s Donald Glover. I know it’s weird for me to proclaim it, but if there’s anyone who does it for the Millenials, it’s his alter-ego Childish Gambino. I relate to his material on so many levels somehow, it’s insane.

DJ Fresh – Gold Dust (Shy FX Re-Edit)

The original’s all about the traditional drum and bass, but the island-flavour re-edits makes the track ten times better. I actually wish it was entirely reconstructed with the reggae-ska trumpeting in the background.

Nas Feat. Amy Winehouse – Cherry

Nas talks about his ideal woman in the song, wrapped around the dirty contralto of the late Amy Winehouse. Grownup, laid back, open and honest, every once in a while there’s a song that makes you realise that you’re not the only one who hasn’t found what you’re looking for yet.

Matt Berninger – I’ll See You In My Dreams

Okay, it’s actually another old-fashioned pining-for-someone ditty. But  if you put it in the context of Boardwalk Empire, this is the MOST INCREDIBLY SAD SONG EVER. The loss is aggravated, the yearning multiplied tenfold and romantic undertones become stretched over with pain. Yes, pain, even if only for a minute and forty four seconds. If you don’t watch Boardwalk Empire, then just know it as the sweet love song with verses older than your grandparents.

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