Bioshock: Infinite gameplay veedeo

This looks funky enough.  They show a bit of the opening where you meet Elizabeth for the first time – so if you don’t like ’em spoilers, best not to watch this.  But from the looks of things, it really feels like Bioshock, just transplanting the setting from undersea to in the air.  At least the narrative seems exciting enough.  Did they update the game engine or is it the same?  It has got that weird clunky feel about the shooting like the last two games.

More importantly, did they reduce Elizabeth’s boobs so as to make them more anatomically correct and respectful to women!?!?  Cue sexist gamer nerd rage:  HER BOOBIES WERE BIG BEFORE, AARGH.  GIVE ME BACK HER BIG BOOBIES.

PS.  I like that the books Elizabeth were throwing at you are pretty serious deep shit – Homer’s The Odyssey, and The Principles of Quantum Mechanics.

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