Tomb Raider survival tips

Because most us gamers are sun-avoiding, basement-dwelling, pizza-eating individuals who’ve never so much as lifted a finger in the general direction of strenous physical activity, or really spent time in the wilderness (I’m grossly over-generalizing here), the kind developers over at the new Tomb Raider game see fit to release a video on survival tips on getting Miss Lara Croft through the harsh world.

From the looks of things, this “hub” of sorts with its upgrading abilities and skillz and what-have-yous is a big whiff of Far Cry 3.  In fact, I’m seriously enjoying the latter game’s bow and arrow shooting gameplay and I’m planning on releasing a video on my exploits with that weapon soon.  But back to Tomb Raider.

I’ve got three things to say about this game:

1.  Smells like a serious Uncharted rip-off.  Why is everything going the way of Uncharted?  Oh that’s right, cause that game made uber money.

2.  What happened to Tomb Raider being about figuring out environmental puzzles for yourself?  Wasn’t that the main point of the game?  Why do we get Instinct-o-vision, like every other game currently employing said mechanics out there?

3.  Camilla Luddington is hot, and I’ve seen her bewbs on TV, but seriously that voice?  Horrible.

Oh and one more thing, can we stop with the reboots?  Can’t we for the love of god, continue a story and develop character and whatnot?  Gawwwwd.  Also, I really liked the LAST reboot they did of the series, Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider Anniversary, and the sequel Underworld.  Why’d they got to fix things not broken again?

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