New Favourite: HAIM!


HAIM is a band of three sisters who caught my attention while I had my ear to Annie Mac’s program.They call their sound 90’s-R&B-with-nufolk, but I call them awesome. Jun can’t get enough of them either. They’re just too cool.

I may be a late 80’s child but I foster no fondness for its cheap echo-y drum machines or sugarpop vocals the same way other 80’s children embrace their decade’s era of neon highlights on everything. But I do like it when modern music borrows its misery-cloaked-in-melody song styling. And HAIM songs have that incredible taste of an 80’s romantic comedy anthem simmering beneath an upbeat new millennium production. Some say there’s Stevie Nicks in there. Or maybe even En Vogue. But at the heart of it all, you feel nostalgic, and can’t help wondering why a tune you’ve never heard before is so blissfully familiar.

Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim

Cuties Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim

And those MTVs. Too cool guys, TOO COOL. My eye’s drawn to Este, the blondie, but the rest of the girls hold their own charm. The lead singer is middle sis Danielle and the youngest, Alana, is on keyboard/rhythm guitar and sometimes percussion. They also have a dude on percussion with them, but the band is all about the sistas so, sorry guy, you’re the wallpaper in this one. Multi-instrumentalist siblings can’t have some dude distracting fans from their monster shade of awesome.

Check out their videos full of great ‘tude and synchronised sister dances:

HAIM’s Forever EP has been out awhile now, and they’ve deservingly earned the title of Sound of 2013 by BBC. No matter –  they can be the Sound of Shen Xiong Supermarket Compilation as long as they give us more music like this.

To round off this little love note to HAIM, Redbullmusic did a mini-docu on their family and how they got to their sound. Let’s get back to putting Forever on loop, shall we?

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