GAMES! GLORIOUS UPCOMING GAMES! The Jan – Feb 2013 edition

The only thing that matters in this life is GAMES.  AND MOAR GAMES.

And here are just a few stuff slated to come out on the PC till the end of Feb 2013 that I’m personally looking forward to.  Maybe you’ll find something on here to your fancy too.

Double Fine’s adventuring party-traipsing trip through The Cave hits January 23rd.

While the DmC Devil May Cry reboot starring Twilight-teenified metrosexual faced young Dante has already hit consoles, it will be out on PC January 25th.

Early February is going to be a whopping month.  Starting with the return to the insane world of Isaac Clarke and kill more spindly-legged aliens, but this time, we’ve got a co-op partner in tow.  Dead Space 3 hits February 5th.

This is shortly followed by another alien co-op shoot-em up; this one being the hotly anticipated Aliens: Colonial Marines.  Shooting xenomorphs done right.  Hopefully.  Hitting PCs near you February 12th.

For me, the most exciting title yet would be Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.  The adventures of Solid Snake are taking a back-seat for now as we focus solely on the exploits of one metal-infused Raiden.  The most badass cyborg-ninja in the gaming universe yet.  Surprisingly coming to PCs too.  Whether it’ll stick to its February 19th date, remains to be seen.

We’ve definitely got a Crysis on our hands with so many games clogging up our February. Ha-ha, get it, a “Crysis”?  Yes, okay, ahem, so there’s going to be Crysis the Third.  This time, we shoot aliens with a bow.  February 19th also.

That’s all the exciting stuff till the end of February.


(All dates taken from IGN, thanks dudes)

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