Funky Arctic Monkeys reference in Girls S2e07

Arctic Monkeys
We all know how great Lena Dunham’s choice of music is in Girls.  But what about her visual Easter Eggs?  I don’t know if this is on purpose, but I totes think she was referencing Arctic Monkeys’ zinger of a music video of Alex Turner crooning Cornerstone, in the latest episode of Girls (S2e07).  Just take a look at one of the characters in the episode below.

Girls 207 reference
Can’t see it behind his long hair, but he’s got headphones on too.  Plus, Alex Turner in Cornerstone is a crooning loser, and this character in Girls is a major domo loser too.  Coincidence?!?

Nice one, Lena, nice one.  And high-five me, for spotting it.

You can watch the Arctic Monkeys’ video below the cut, if you so choose.

4 thoughts on “Funky Arctic Monkeys reference in Girls S2e07

  1. I was just watching the episode and noticed it, so I looked on the internet in case someone else thought of this too and you did. 😉 this is a really great show.

  2. There aren’t too many people that would have picked this. I had to pause the episode mid way to see if there was anyone else with me. This was the only place! So good

    1. we have all unlocked the ultimate Lena Dunham Easter Egg. soon she’ll give us all a call to thank us personally.

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