A co-op game where the co-op partner is YOU in “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons”

Obvious title aside, “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” – really?  seriously?  I didn’t know that brothers, would both be sons?  Unless there is some deep level implication that they MIGHT not be brothers, but sons to different parents, or NOT actually sons, I don’t know, who cares.

All you need to know is that this looks like a charming adventure-puzzler where you control two separate characters with one controller.  One analog stick for one bro, the other for the other.  They’ve even got distinctly different personalities, the older bro is the good guy and the younger one is a naughty, cheeky kid.  Which is cool.  And it’s about how you make them both interact with the environment with their unique personalities that should make for interesting gaming.  Anyhoo, watch the video to learn more.

It’s great that someone’s finally made a co-op game where you don’t actually need a co-op partner.  Cause, like, I have no friends to ask to play games with me.

Jokes.  Of course, I do.  Maybe.

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