Battle4ield first-look trailer

EA has opened the floodgates on the first trailer for their brand spanking new Battlefield 4 game to come out sometime in fall.  Watch all 17 minutes of it below.  And then read what I thunk of it.

Here’s what I thought, in no particular order:

  • Wow, people’s faces look so goooood.
  • There are no fishing sequences in the trailer, so why is it called Fishing in Baku?
  • Why do we hear music in our ears when we wake for the first (but definitely not the last) time in the trailer?
  • FrostBite Engine 3 is sickeningly pretty.  Look at the light blooms.  Look at the puddles.  THE PUDDLES.
  • I do enjoy the trailer opening sequence, with the exchange between the squad but it IS more machismo again *sigh*
  • ON-RAILSSSSS, OOOOOON-RAILS SHOOTTERRRRRR – this was the biggest thing that pissed me off, it’s more of – “Hey, let’s go here, shoot these things there, and then move on here”
  • There appears to be squad-ordering-about bits, but that’s like minimal.  Just like, “hey shoot this thing” so I can go off and flank ’em.  It’s like Brothers-in-Arms lite, damn, I miss that infinitely more intellectual shooter.
  • Shit gets shot up good in this trailer, and looks stunning while at it
  • What’s up with the little icons on the top right that tells you about your achievements and points?
  • I find it funny that a single-player on-rails campaign has a minimap
  • Can we get a choice whether to cut his leg off or leave him with his leg trapped under the rock?  Why can I only just press the button?  Even Bioshock gives us that choice.
  • Will your squad members die in single-player if you don’t take care of ’em?  Or are they bullet sponges?
  • More running while getting shot at bits, including the mega helicopter fight out
  • How come I hear people talking over the phone in my ear while underwater?  WHY?!?!
  • At this point, the whole shaky cam thing with the BRAAAAAAAMM sound effects is really annoying.  Especially when they continually repeat that for the Battlefield 4 title.  Ugh.

Alright, so my final verdict is “Meh, this is all the other shooters, dressed in pretty graphics.  Well done, EA.”  Now show us multiplayer (which they should’ve shown us first).

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