Perr’s Secret Fic-Writing Music


Sometimes when you’re trying to be creative you just need a little background music to put you in the right mood. While I still keep my writing secret for the most part, I can still share the stuff that gets the juices going.

I hereby present my fanmixes!

Being a crazy fangirl of things can sometimes cause ridiculous amount of pent up frustration that can only be released through:

1) seeing your ships become canon
2) screaming every time you think of what TV writers are doing wrong
3) going online and spending 5 to 7 hours scrolling through endless pages of Tumblr, Livejournal, snarky TV forums like TWOP and watching cast interviews on Youtube
4) writing fic.

I know guys. It’s so gross being a fangirl. But we are what we are, and it’s what I am. So once we get over that, I’m here to let you in on some of the tunes I listen to when I’m trying to push out a written piece.

Wretched, my super angsty Sylaire evilmix

“What?!” you exclaim, appalled at the supposed mismatch of Sylar and Claire Bennet. You can’t control what you love, folks! Me listening to this is equivalent to locking myself in a dark room with a dimly lit lamp and being an enigmatic nut case to the outside world (if that isn’t already the impression I was giving).

Blurb description: Dark heavy fidgeting

Here’s the back cover for tracklist:

Otherwise Numb, my listless drifting semi-high mix

You know how sometimes you just want to float about in your mind and not think about anything else except to be suspended in animation? Ok, maybe you don’t, but I do. So when I want to feel like the world is spinning on its axis at a snail’s pace with David Attenborough narrating somewhere in the background I put on these tracks and have them take me away.

Blurb description: Chillout quiet and baked

Junch says this has a 90’s feel so let the nostalgia rip right through you.

Back cover tracklist:

Here All Night, my playlist for setting your pants on fire

Please don’t tell me that you don’t have a sexy playlist somewhere. Because this is mine. (For the time being.) To put myself in that wacky pants-optional mood, I put together the most soulful dance songs I have in my collection that are both sweet and yearning and hot. It’s not all about doing the horizontal you know. There are hearts involved too.

Blurb description: Pounding smoky echoes

It’s a bit garage, it’s a bit house, it’s a lot of electronic goodness. I think people don’t give electronic music a lot of credit these days because of the clutter that they have to wade through. But hey, I picked some good ones out for you and mushed them together into one sticky compilation.

Another back cover for track reference:

Finally, thought I’d make a girly mix in tribute to Claire. I was crushing so hard on her in season 1.

…But the Girl, a fanmix just for my love of Claire Bennet

I really did like this character a lot. She was everything I loved about strong girls on TV, so I made a mix about it – about her and what I thought she was. There are a lot of familiar pop entries that made the formula but I wanted to cram into it as many facets of her character I saw as I could.

Blurb description: Responsible drifting nymph girl power

I made this years and years ago, but even if the songs weren’t anything particularly out of mainstream, I had a soft spot for them.

And the tracklist:


So there you go. My fancy schmancy collection of writing-aid tunes!

PS. If anyone wants a link… Tweet me!

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