The Big Gap gabs about: Walking Dead Season 3 finale (Part 1)


Intrepid Big Gap writers Perr and Junch finally sit down and properly figure out what they thought about the season finale of Walking Dead.  Perr’s been doing a great job catching us up to speed with individual episodes, but the magnitude of the season finale requires a little more gabbing.  Read below the cut to see see what they thought.

Caution: Spoilers afoot!  Obviously.

Perr: So you hated the finale?

Junch:  LOL I didn’t hate it.  But I think it was the most anti-climactic season finale I’ve seen for a TV show in a long while.  I’m okay the Governor didn’t die, but the epic battle of the prison lasted all of two seconds. Probably for good reason because the good guys would never have survived a straight-up shootout but I’m surprised the Governor just high-tailed it out of Woodbury too.

Perr: My predictions were pretty spot on.  I laughed when both of them were kinda scrambling for safety after the Gov just mass murdered his townsfolk.

Junch: Haha yeah, it was definitely super tense when that one woman survived under the other dead body.  It would be super tragic if the governor just like spotted her and shot her brains out.

Perr: I don’t know how she didn’t flinch when he was shooting bodies.  Every time I hear something even remotely like a gunshot, I jump up high.

Junch: She also needed to survive so that the good guys could get into the camp.  A spot of good luck I say.  Once again, Walking Dead is a TV show where geographically everyone will stumble upon everyone else.

I guess the best thing about the episode was when Carl popped that noob in the head. I get that it was a thematically important moment for Rick and for the audience, but I was whooping that Carl was right to pwn his father later for not shooting the Governor when he had the chance.  Same with when Andrea was talking about she could’ve killed the gov in his sleep. It’s like the writers knew the worst thing about their show were the moments when the drama could’ve just ended way sooner LOL.

I found some magazines stashed under the bed, are they yours dad? Can I have them?

Perr: Right, to make the story longer. When I was watching Talking Dead, the vote was 50-50 on whether Carl should’ve killed that guy. But you know, I would’ve done the same thing as he had. A guy may be putting down his gun, but I’ve seen too many scenarios when the other party lets their guard down for a second and they get popped in the face for it. But when you think about it, Carl’s learning everything he’s seeing – and right now, he’s so annoyed with Rick’s inconsistency of character.  First, he gives pep talks about how outsiders who could threaten the group should be treated, then he suddenly has a change of heart.

Junch: Yeah totes.

Perr: I mean, we as a viewer have seen the factors and events that led to that change, but Carl didn’t, so I don’t blame him for feeling like his dad is being this wishy washy guy when he should’ve just stood his ground and kept making the hard decisions.

Junch: Anyway, I always take the side of people who make decisive actions, like shooting that dude, or killing the Governor the first chance they got.  It did get a tear out of me though, when Andrea was dying out and Michonne was like “I’ll stay with you” nooooooo.

Perr: I know a lot of people felt bad when Andrea died, it’s a great feat when people who’ve spent the whole season hating her felt that way.  Michonne is loyal to the end, dude.  I read an analysis the other day, it was saying that Andrea’s arc was all about making sure that everyone survived.

Junch: When she finally spelt out what she was doing, that she was trying to keep everyone alive, that was a noble goal indeed.

Perr: It was, but I didn’t buy it.  It felt like a neatly tied bow from the writers.

Junch: True.

Perr: To force her redemption down my throat, Andrea’s character was just backsliding.  I’ve said this many times, but I’ll say it again – she isn’t loyal.

Junch: You make a fair point, however, you have to remember that at the end of Season 2, she kinda got left behind.

Perr: Yes, I totally understand that.  But she was with Michonne before Woodbury.  And once she experienced the life there, she chose not to follow Michonne.  And that really struck a chord with me.  How many times have we seen Andrea treat Michonne like she’s being ungrateful?  Granted, Michonne did behave like a kid sometimes but her suspicions about the Governor were right in the end.  It was stupid of Andrea not to kill the Gov when she had the chance.

Junch: Michonne’s paranoia was what kept her alive.

Perr: I felt bad in that scene, not really for Andrea, but for Michonne.  And really, it was the right time to kill Andrea off because where would she go after this?  Michonne has really held up.  It was a really good feeling to see that despite the way Andrea treated her. She knows how much they went through.  There was a sort of gratefulness, a protectiveness on Michonne’s part about the moment she decided to stay foxhole buddies with Andrea.

And let’s not forget she still did this despite Andrea visiting the prison and outright chewing her out.  “What did you tell them?” was the first thing that Andrea asked of Michonne when the prison people were apprehensive about letting her back in.  I’m so glad that the series decided to open Michonne up in the last quarter of the season.

She knows friendship, man.  Like helping Carl out.

Junch: Yes, and god, I breathed a sigh of relief when in the season finale, Michonne wasn’t all like “Fuck you Rick for trying to sell me” after the events of the penultimate episode.  It’s like more of a “Okay, I get what you did, let’s move on” type thing.

The most surprising was Daryl though, who was the manliest of men with his grief.  Compartmentalizing his brother’s death, not like Rick who still sees his mothafuking dead wife.

Perr: Yeah, I kinda dug that he was feeling bad about Andrea’s death but it had a “get it over with” vibe.  The best thing is NO ONE GAVE A SHIT HIS BRO DIED.  No one gave a real shit anyway-

Junch: -except for Carol.

Daryl folding his blankie as Carol looks on

Perr: Only Carol really understands what Merle meant to Daryl.  Also, the more time goes on, the more I dislike Glenn.  But that is irrational bias.  I just get annoyed when Daryl is trying to reconcile on behalf of Merle, but Glenn doesn’t give him the time of day.  It’s like being related to Merle automatically makes Daryl liable for all of Merle’s past transgressions.  Man, GTFO.  Daryl doesn’t OWE you.

I feel like in general, nobody really gives a shit about Daryl until they realise they need him to be the muscle of the team.

Junch: Ugh yeah, I get that feeling too.  Everyone takes his ass for granted.  Glenn is just an annoying dick nowadays really.

Most dickish guy with the hottest girl. Yep, kinda’ like real life.

Perr: Actually, people hardly ask about how Daryl’s doing.  I did however like that Rick consulted Daryl for his opinion regarding Michonne.  Nice to see that he can be the voice of reason sometimes.  Best Daryl moment is probably his last convo with Merle.

Junch: Yeah totes.

Perr: And the second best is his dick waving with Martinez.

Junch: Hahah that was good times.  Like two henchmen, getting together, talking smack.

Perr: I like Martinez a lot.

Junch: I like him too, but he keeps backing the wrong horse, seriously.  I wouldn’t mind him coming over to the good side.

Perr: You can’t blame him though.  He met the gov first, and that’s where his loyalty lies.  Although I’m not sure now because he’s seen the gov totally lose it.  Hope to see more of that guy [in the next season].  Oh yeah, MILTON.  I am going to miss Milton.  He is just an overall naïve good guy, and he just stuck it out, tried to live as long as he could.  So that Andrea could get those pliers which- OMG HOW LONG DOES SHE TAKE?  – there are these senseless pauses she makes, can’t she talk and keep reaching for the pliers?  The guy is on a timer.

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct game was the worst thing ever! RAAARGH!

Junch: Hahah, yeah, like seriously, stop talking bitch.  I guess she was just trying to have a heart to heart.  But it was very awesome of him to stay alive as long as he could.

Perr: I think the only times when I really give Andrea a free pass is when she’s fighting for her life.

Junch: Yes, because she is capable.  But in this season, she hardly fought shit.

Perr: Her smarty pants were on when the gov was hunting her.  What was the most striking thing about the finale for you?


TO FIND OUT WHAT JUNCH THOUGHT WAS THE MOST STRIKING THING ABOUT THE FINALE, JOIN US IN PART 2 OF BIG GAP GABS ABOUT: WALKING DEAD SEASON 3 FINALE PART 2.  If you feel cheated by this post, here, have a picture of bros bro-ing out in between takes:

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