The New Xbox One is not a Revelation, but Yakuza 3 is

Two things happened recently to me.

Uno) I heard there is a new Xbox One revealed today.  The only opinion I have of it is, “wow, that’s a large black box that I have to put somewhere.”  Okay, so I have a second opinion, “Wow, the people running the Xbox One reveal show are really old and boring.”  Also third opinion, wow I’m full of opinions today aren’t I?  “Great, they have a dog now in Call of Duty.  This does not make me any more excited about the lame game than I was before.”  Anyway, here’s a super edited video that someone else did of the entire Xbox livestream event in under 2 minutes.  I promise you this is worth more your time than the actual reveal.

Dos) I bought a PS3 over the weekend after mulling about it for maybe fifty years.  Yes I know, I’m late to the party, but how wonderful that this is a party full of games I can enjoy at my own leisure now that they’ve all come out.  I just saw this gameplay video of Yakuza 3, from the same guy who brings us the lovely super edited Xbox livestream video.  It’s hilarious as shit, and definitely something I’ll get after I finish Uncharted 2.


Thanks Darkbeatdk for your video content.  You’re a cool dude.

PS.  If you were expecting to find a video of the new Call of Duty: Doggie game, well tough shit.

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