About Big Gap

Big Gap is a site that’s dedicated to the world of video games, as well as TV, film, music, pop culture and anything that can’t really be classified.  Basically, it’s a site that illuminates everything that is awesome about humanity.  Or as I like to actually put it, a site where we talk about whatever we feel like talking about.  Except with much bravado, wit, and intellectual stimulation.  Because those are the things that are dying in the bubble-gum pop world we live in today.

It’s written by two of Singapore’s ace writers, video gamers and, artist extraordinaires looking to give an honest opinion about anything they like, dislike, or feel meh about even if the world doesn’t really give a damn.

You can contact us here

Here’s a little bit about the two writers themselves:

Name:  Jun Shen Chia

Doing now:  Product marketing type things

Favorite games:  Shooting people type games.  Zombie games.  Games that make you think about games.  Also games about doing whatever you want type games.

Jun Shen’s early days of gaming was on a Super Nintendo, which then moved on to PC gaming with the likes of Canon Fodder, Gladiator, Freddy Fish, and Wolfenstein 3D.  An eclectic mix of games indeed.  Now he plays everything from Call of Duty to Dead Island to Fallout 3 to Deus Ex to Bioshock 2 to Mass Effect 3 to Walking Dead to Hotline Miami to Dishonored.  Anything that allows him to exert his authority with a gun, a back-hand slap, or requires some stealthy action, he’s there.  He’s also there if there is an open world to roam no matter whether in space, in fantasy land, or in the cold, hard real world. Jun Shen can also be found writing copy and doing marketing for a gaming hardware brand while trying to ekk out an artistic existence by writing (not yet published), taking photos and making films.

You can follow his personal blog here.  Read his very interesting Twitter here. And also look at his photos here.

Name:  Pearlyn Hoon

Doing now: Project managing social media app development and campaigns. Once a marketing executive (or adept multi-tasker) for a very rich woman, and Emeritus Product Marketing Specialist at Razer.

Favorite games: Valve games, the zombie genre, Rockstar games

Perr likes her FPS games on the PC and is choosy about her music. She loves US TV and used to write tons of embarrassing fanfiction about them. A born-again book nerd, her best skills lie in eating (food and media content) and dancing (maybe at the same time).

Zombies are the scariest shit ever to not exist in the space of this universe. Also, Battlestar Galactica is the greatest work of art in the history of humanity. She is always looking for someone who will listen to her yap about it for days on end.

You can follow her mass grumbling dump of a twitter.

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