Introducing The Big Gap Plays initiative

Yo readers of this fine establishment, Perr and I are proud to introduce a new initiative for Big Gap.  One we’ve been thinking about doing for sometime but never really got around to setting up till recently.  Basically, we’re big fans of 4pp and the likes, and thought we’d get into the video gaming capture scene.

We’ve made a YouTube channel and now there are a couple of vids on there.  As regularly or as unregularly as we can, we’ll be posting up our adventures straight from the land of gaming – and of course, updated on here too.

It’s still an experimental thang, plus in no way is this going to lessen our writing duties cause that’s still the most important form of communication on this blog.  But we thought it’d be cool to try new and different things for the coming new year.  So if you’d like, do subscribe to our channel.

Also send in comments about stuff you’d like to see played or whatever.  Or if you’d like to jump into a game with us.  That’s cool too.  There’ll be plenty of guest star appearances by our mates, that’s for sure.