Adaptations: Don’t Hate Me ‘Cause I’m Different

I like adaptations.

Purists who worship at the feet of their pop culture idols are already damning me to hell for blaspheming. Yes, I’ve just suggested that a reinterpretation of fandom’s holy, untouchable, absolutely godlike favourite franchise translated from one medium to another may not be a terrible thing after all.

I’m not making a sweeping statement of any sort here to say that I am completely on the side of Hollywood’s favourite past-time, the ripoff – er, I mean, the humble adaptation. I just want to be rational about why I think they are not exactly a travesty.

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Random Things That Perr is Liking

My mum tells me that the way to get things done is to simply¬†do it. No thinking about how daunting it is or who will think what of it, “That’s totally nonsense!” she expresses, in a way best emphasized by the accompanying beheading of a chicken corpse.

So I’m being a filial daughter and listening to my wise mumma, noting on webspace the things I like because I would just like to write about something. While these are not formal reviews where plots are talked about in summary or detail, I am just sharing what appeals to me or doesn’t. Books; gadgets; TV; food; more past the jump.

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