The comics I’ve read or am reading Part 2

Today we conclude our merry adventure listing out some more of my fav graphic novels.

Are you ready?  ARE YOU READY?

Read Part 1 here.

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The comics I’ve read or am reading Part 1

In a momentary lapse of character, I am not writing about games as I usually do, but about graphic novels!  You see, I’m a big fan of the visual-literature genre.  I’ve been reading oodles, but I feel my closeness to the subject makes it very hard for me to critique it in the same way I can dissect video games.  But what I can do is wax lyrical about the different graphic novels I’ve read that I’ve loved to bits that I think you should be reading too.

This is by no means my top 10 list or definitive selection.  It’s just a bunch that I’ve read that I think is worth a go.  It certainly has taught me a lot about the art of lean, mean storytelling and crafting characters that could punch you in the gut as much as grab you by the heart.

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Back in the Day – Bill Murray played Johnny Storm in a 1975 radio feature of the Fantastic Four


Call me a young punk but this is the most bizarre thing.  Back in the day, people liked to listen to superhero features on the radio.  Since I was born in the era of the TV, I never got to hear too many of these things.  So it’s funny to listen to actors and actresses act through their voices and sound really exaggerated in this 1975 radio adaptation.  It’s even funnier to learn that a young Bill Murray voiced Johnny Storm long before Chris Evans strut out of a bathroom half naked as the cocky young “Flame-On” stud in the 2005 feature film.

Have a listen, if you’d like.