New Favourite Band: Rudimental

"This time, I'm gonna be stronger/I'm not givin' in"

“This time, I’m gonna be stronger/I’m not givin’ in”

When Rudimental first released its debut single Spoons, I fell in love. It was chill, silken, soulful, and it gave me a profound heartache I couldn’t get away from. The vocals were magical, and I couldn’t figure out why people weren’t fonder of the song. If this was the tone they were going to set for themselves as an outfit, I would be a longtime fan.

Then they blew up when Feel The Love took over the charts – a song so different from their first entry that I thought they quit their sound altogether in search of mainstream recognition. Turns out, that after many months and singles later, Rudimental was just proving that they were – and still are – the most high-impact, versatile quartet of music maestros I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing from the electronic scene.

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