Not Enough Hatred: Diablo 3 open beta preview

Every RPG that has been made after Diablo 2 launched back in 2000, has in some way or other been compared to the great RPG in the sky.  Every developer has either strived to emulate Diablo 2’s success by making RPGs with similar mechanics or tried to “shake up the genre” by putting in radically different elements, but even those developers were doing so because of Diablo 2.

Make no mistake; Diablo 2 is a high bar to succeed, even for the company that made that very game.  Many games have come close, but just like Counter-Strike is for the FPS genre, Diablo 2 represents as close to perfection as we can come to a computer game about clicking things till they died and collecting loot compulsively.

With Diablo 3 soon set to descend onto our computers and steal our souls, I’ve had a go in the open beta.  Here is what I think and how it holds up to its holy older brother.  Continue reading

EA lets everyone in on Battlefield 3 beta come Sept 29th

Good news!  The Battlefield 3 beta for all opens September 29th, which in my knowledge is about 7 days a way.  Eek.  But for those who pre-ordered the game off Origin or bought some special edition Medal of Honor thing will be able to get cracking on the 27th instead.  2 whole days head start!  I know that’s exciting – because I’m getting in on that, and hopefully, I’ll be able to do a full blown coverage of the fields of battle part 3.  Until then watch the video below the cut to get your juices flowing.

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