New Favourite Band: Rudimental

"This time, I'm gonna be stronger/I'm not givin' in"

“This time, I’m gonna be stronger/I’m not givin’ in”

When Rudimental first released its debut single Spoons, I fell in love. It was chill, silken, soulful, and it gave me a profound heartache I couldn’t get away from. The vocals were magical, and I couldn’t figure out why people weren’t fonder of the song. If this was the tone they were going to set for themselves as an outfit, I would be a longtime fan.

Then they blew up when Feel The Love took over the charts – a song so different from their first entry that I thought they quit their sound altogether in search of mainstream recognition. Turns out, that after many months and singles later, Rudimental was just proving that they were – and still are – the most high-impact, versatile quartet of music maestros I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing from the electronic scene.

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Mini-pressions: Hannibal


My interest in Hannibal was most shallow – I wanted to stare at Hugh Dancy’s hot model face for a change, when usually I’d climb up walls in heat over strong female characters. I got that, and found that he was in fact, quite the thespian. And somewhere along the way, I was entranced by the effectively scary-yet-extremely personable Mads Mikkelsen, who very easily made me forget how iconic Anthony Hopkins really was in the same title role.

But you know what was the best surprise about Hannibal? I saw what it was like to kill someone, and was told about how it possibly felt Рand I liked it.

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“Prey” & “This Sorrowful Life” – The Walking Dead Recap

walkingdead s3 title

Today will be a lowdown of two episodes: Andrea finally wakes up from her Governor-hazed delusion after countless episodes of people trying to slap the reality into her. I hate Andrea, but y’know, it isn’t too bad. And once we’re out of the way with filler, onto the next ep that has got my boyfriend and I feeling horribly depressed by its end. It hurts, oh yes, it hurts.

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Never Gone: Nine Inch Nails


Since T.Rez announced Nine Inch Nails’ comeback, I’m so excited guys, because I love NIN madly, like forever in my whole existence. Reznor says he’s re-imagining the whole NIN concept, which doesn’t worry me at all. Reinvention paves the way to new and original things. If his recent work is anything to go by, I’m going to be very pleased. Put aside the haterade, people.

In celebration of NIN ending their indefinite hiatus, here’s short list of my fave tracks. (Cos I’m such a fangirl, duh.)

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